Character Profile: Moxie

Moxie, the primary character and protagonist of Meridian Knights. Cheerful, good natured, exuberant, over-eager and impatient, Moxie’s main aim is to do what’s right for the kingdom, and those she cares about… pretty much as soon as possible.

Moxie is incredibly capable and proficient with a sword, and able to practice magic – almost unheard of in the kingdom. The nature of this is kept from her and she slowly discovers its importance as she races to discover what happened to the Queen, Ward, and many others during the events of Meridian Knights.


Character Profile: Wraith

Quite literally, the haunting soul of Nexus. In most of Nexus’ character arcs, he dies at some point in the story, either due to defeat, the natural passage of time, or intentionally sacrificing his mortal form for more power. Depends on which version of the guy we’re talking about.

Nexus’ Wraith was based off the original drawing of Nexus from an old high school sketchbook. Originally, just a warlock, always drawn with his face half in shadow and glowing eyes. This version isn’t the same, just removing the limbs visible from his coat and no ears – and a scar, a reminder of an injury suffered before death that haunts (pun intended) him in the afterlife. In his incarnation in Sartris’s story, it’s also meant to mirror Sartris’s scar.


Character Profile: Pippa

Pippa, the Pixie without wings. She’s a reasonably new character – maybe a year or so old – and I haven’t fleshed out a lot for her yet. Meant to be a more childlike figure for a more childlike project, I am considering either a simple platform game or a children’s book. Whatever. Maybe both.

Pippa herself is kind, curious, and determined. Design wise, it was important to go for the poor girl aesthetic when drawing her; particularly something akin to what one could have seen from the 1930s. I was watching a LOT of Marx Bros. movies at the time I came up with her and it probably kind of shows. Pippa’s hair curls are meant to be reminiscent of the antennae some fairies are shown to have, and the hair even slightly hints at wings.