Oh. Hi. You actually want to know this?


I’m just another random dude living in San Diego, CA who's really into cartoons and and stuff. So, you know, I draw them. Novel concept, I know.

I have two amazing web comics that are beloved by at least 3 to 4 people world-wide, Damn It, Monkey! and Ratboy Is Dead. You should totally read them. Best part is? I update them whenever I get around to it. Half the fun is the surprise!

I also do art for a couple of other projects. Just a little thing I do. Maybe even a video game or 3.

I'm also atom8bit but, you know, much more jovial now a days. The bar was low, I admit.

So there. Now you know more about me, and knowing is at least 49% (if not more!) of the battle. Want to actually talk to me for some reason? That’s weird, but go ahead and bother me if you must.