A New Comic

Been working on some ideas again.It's been frankly nice having some inspiration to speak of.

First of all, I've had some ideas for a new comic. The style is going to be a slight departure from from my previous two webcomics, and actually will hold a style similar to Meridian Knights does. It's not hugely far off, but distinct nonetheless.

This idea is very, very much in its infancy, but at least solid enough I can tell you some vague things about it. Besides, I wanted to let everyone know I am indeed up to something. Whatever that may be. I'm still working on the overall structure, story arch, themes, and such. Technology Vs. Fantasy is a running theme, as is friendship. Moral grey areas will be a major component of the story. I'm drawing some inspiration from Star Wars and from Dragon Quest. At least so far.

Oh, and the name of the main character I guess: Sartris. Still, I don't have any good character sketches yet, and besides, I usually am not comfortable really showing those. I should not have done so with Moxie last year, as her design (and style) changed significantly enough.

My biggest problem with it all is finishing projects. Speaking of Ratboy Is Dead, I do plan on returning to that fairly soon. I'd like to, at very least, begin writing on it again, and get some more pages up. The story of those three little turds needs told, too, damn it.