Character Comparison: Jeane Starre Vs. Moxie

A long, long time ago, in a state somewhat far away, I was working on and developing one of my first comics, Axis. It was way too ambitious for, uh, anyone... the whole idea of the comic was that it involved the history of an ancient order of warriors and another faction of hermetic mages that upheld a way of life and drove advancements in technology, their downfall, and how this related to modern times and a distant, apocalyptic future, and focused mainly on one family and its members in the past, present and future. I only ever really outlined it, the characters were "cool" but not developed, and it kind of always seemed it would have been a better RPG than comic.
I did toy a lot with Jeane Starre, the main character of the comic. Here is a couple images of her, drawn over 1,000 years ago (as in the late 90s):

Jeane StarreJeane Starre

Moxie, Meridian KnightsJeane herself went through many changes as the years went by, and I drew her. A LOT. For many years... and there's clearly some influence on Jeane in Moxie. And by some, again, I mean a LOT. Moxie herself has gone through little redesign - just the initial character sketch, which is far more in style like Jeane, rather than the more cartoony, large headed version now.

This actually wasn't a hugely conscious thing with Jeane and Moxie when I was originally designing the latter; it had been years, many years since I had really drawn Jeane. Really, with Meridian Knights, I knew I wanted a female protagonist, a fair balance of gender with in the game itself, but that's about it. (In fact, gender is basically an afterthought after that -- there are even two "gender-indeterminate" characters.) Perhaps something in my mind just wanted a red-head wearing green. Could be the red beard I sport. Who knows?

I treated the initial concepts of Meridian Knights like an onion - starting with a general concept, adding characters, then adding more specific gameplay, story and refining things. One conscious thing is that Moxie's sword and Jeane's sword are very similar, even in story - an ancient sword used by a great hero who slew a giant dragon single handedly with it. The red hair was an intentional character trait with Moxie, too, though less so with Jeane. Moxie is impatient, rushes into action, etc. Jeane was sullen and introverted, and thinking back, the red hair didn't fit her much. Then again, it was over 20 years ago when I first drew her (excuse me while I let that one sink in...) and I didn't pay nearly as much to details like that as I did now.

As an aside, if you're wondering about Axis... don't. It wasn't all that interesting. And what little was, has been reused or will be reused in future works (there is a few things of note that would have happened in Axis that will happen in the upcoming Sartris comic should I ever get off my ass and do something with that.)