Character Profile: Atrophus Starre

The self-important, megalomaniacal, power hungry cousin of Genji Starre, and possible ancestor to Jeane and Valia Starre. An incredibly competent, if not over-confident in his ability, wizard, his role in Axis was as an apprentice to Nexus, helping him to get his power, turning on him, but failing and working to redeem himself. Not the most compelling character arc if he's only redeeming himself out of revenge against the person who caused him to fail in the first place. Then again, most of Axis's character arcs led a little to be desired. I was young.
Fun fact: I played Atrophus as a Tremere in Vampire the Masquerade with friends at a much later time.

Fun fact 2: His name is based on Atropos, the fate in greek mythology.