Character Profile: Jeane Starre

If it's not quite clear yet, I'm starting off this character-a-day stuff with some main characters. Here's a very important one, Jeane Starre, from Axis.
Axis was my first step at making a "serious" comic (guess how well that turned out) when I was, like many teenagers, still in my anime phase. Jeane's design changed a lot, and I mean a lot, over time - from wearing glasses at points, to changing the jacket, scarf, etc. Jeane didn't have a huge personality beyond the arc I intended for her; a shy girl forced to work to support her sister and herself, coming out of her shell, and accepting her role in the grand scheme of things. Her sword - "Dragon Edge" (I think I used some stupid japanese name for this at one point) - was also significant as it passed down from person to person in her family. Like a certain epic 9 part saga, Axis, too, had a strong familial story to it over generations, so expect to see the name "Starre" pop up quite a bit during this character mural stuff.