Character Profile: Razzle

Razzle is arguably my most important character, despite not having done a whole lot with her. Still, she's been the mascot of my site for some time now, and I've been drawing her a long, long time - so, no better character to start with than her on this project.
Razzle is always cheerful, optimistic, and excited. She is spunky, gleeful, and a huge dork - she is meant to represent the over-enthusiastic fan-girl in all of us. Her full name is Razzle Dazzle Matazz - for a long while, the Matazz was absent, but I've demoted her former surname to her middle name (it's a family name, I guess?) and given this spunky cat girl a new last name.

I'm particularly fond of her design, and, yes, she is one of, if not my favorite characters. Her journey started when drawing rubber-hose style cartoons, and came up with a cat girl who wore cat-eye glasses. Simple idea, but it made me laugh enough I kept going with the concept, and eventually Razzle took shape (along with her friends Bad Medicine (Meddy) and Hot Candy). I spent some time actually working on a comic concept for the trio, but never got much beyond a few loose storylines that I was ever remotely satisfied with.

Still, I love the little nerd enough that she's got to be put out there, and here she is, front and center, ready to present the rest of the characters coming in.