Character Profile: Sartris

Ah, Sartris. Another attempt at a "serious" comic (though, quite a few sillier moments were absolutely intended), that I originally wrote to deal with my own demons and tell a grand story of someone over the span of their life. Still... uh, still working on getting that written entirely...
Sartris is a very well-meaning person, who generally wants to please, but also has a bit of an impatient streak, and a temper. I tried to reflect this in his hair - making it scruffy, impetuous and firey, much like his rough-around-the-edges personality. His nature, along with Nexus manipulating him, slowly erode his good nature, causing him to make mistakes and grow more tired, sullen, and anti-social over time. His sword, The Sword of Malice (yes, lifted from a certain phenomenal JRPG), also haunts him spiritually, further igniting his temper and darker urges.

You may also notice the scar on his face - added as part of his design, as a life-threatening injury causes the need for many parts of his body to be rebuilt with cybernetics, partially to reflect the fall of his spirit (robotics replacing his soul) and the developing steampunk technology around him, replacing his craft.