Elf Queen

As I mentioned recently, I dug up and went through a ton of old art work, spanning what has survived over two decades of drawing various things.
One thing that struck me while going through this was a drawing I did of an Elven queen -- partially because, well, it didn't fit in with anything I had ever done. I think it was probably some concept art I never used when working on Axis (a comic that really never saw the light of day, save for a very, very bad 13 page intro drawn in the late 90s). The character did have a lot of promise, and if it wasn't an Axis character, I'm really, really unsure why I ever drew it.

Hey, there's more in the Illustrations gallery, you know.

I debated very heavily on sharing the original pen drawing here. The character in that drawing was very sad, and showed much more emotion than this version of here. I actually changed it slightly, and made her more aloof on purpose, more mysterious, and certainly more royal.

Since this character doesn't really fit in with, well, anything else, I took the opportunity to get to know Clip Studio a bit better, too -- I didn't texture the drawing in the same manner as I do with the Meridian Knights characters, or Sartris' initial character design. Everything in this is drawn with the various pens/pencils/brushes that program offers. It was nice, and it helped me get more comfortable with it a good deal.