"The Fallen One" Artwork

At a friend's behest, I downloaded and tried out Clip Studio for comics and character drawings. I finally got around to playing with it, and I'm pleased. The lines turn out well, and there's some good textures to be had. I don't think it will completely replace Photoshop, but I think I can do some good work with it.The other day I was playing around with some character designs for that comic I'm slowly working on (you know, the one with Sartris in it). For my first foray into the software, it didn't turn out too bad.

The Fallen One, atom8bit

Frankly, I think this software will work for me. I'm digging the line quality a lot, and the charcoal and pencil textures are great. I haven't discovered a lot of things Clip Studio can do yet, so let's see how this goes.