It's like coming back home!

I've moved my art back here from atom8bit -- keep bugging me there for the gaming stuff. I've centralized ApathyZeal for all my artwork, web cartoons, web comics, etc. - including Damn It, Monkey! and Ratboy Is Dead.
I've also started updating Ratboy Is Dead and am working on some more Damn It, Monkey! I've had a good deal of energy lately (comparitively anyways) and have been fairly productive. Also working on some other stuff outside art (including atom8bit and a couple of mystery projects!).

ApathyZeal is an old name - for a few years I had it redirect to atom8bit, but I think ApathyZeal has been online in some form since 2004? Damn It, Monkey!, Ratboy Is Dead, Something Inane always had a home there, though the three had separate domains for at least some period. (Still do, but they're always welcome!)

So yeah, I guess this the hub for all of my silly little drawings from now on. Pay me a visit every now and then!