Liquid Television is Available For Free Now

If it's not absurdly apparent, I'm a huge fan of animation - yes, cartoons mainly, but puppets, stop motion animation, and more... it all comes as a package deal to me.At a pivotal point in my life when animation was becoming meaningful for me, Liquid Television kept me occupied on many a night... and now you can see it all for free (again.)
The random nature of the show and bizarreness of some of the pieces really captured my teenage brain well. Coincidentally, when revisiting my old artwork earlier this year, the show quickly popped into my head (especially as I was working on Jason In A StrangeLand). It's a shame it's not been seen in so many years, so this is exciting for anyone not only wanting to see some experimental animation, but those of us wanting to revisit out of nostalgia.

If you want to see the episodes, check