Mario Kart: Talkie

In honor of Mario Kart's 25th North American Anniversary, I present... Mario Kart: Talkie
When I drew this Mario Kart Fanart, it was what I was hoping for from MK8. I tried to make this a rubber hose like creation from 1929, but I guess the idea didn't leave any room for retro tracks, because there ARE no retro tracks from before 1929. Should I have put a fake copyright date on it or something?

Also, not every character needs a tophat, so shut up.

Not pictured: Toad riding an old timey giant front-tired bicycle and Koopa Troopa flying Red Baron style. Also I guess maybe I should have had Wario tie Peach to the tracks, but it seemed more like a Bowser thing to do. Whatever.
Also, Daisy in Betty Boop style. Have fun with that,fan boys.