Introducing The Cancel Culture Collection

So, I've started a series of digital paintings called The Cancel Culture Collection, featuring rich asshats and politicians in a goofy, unflattering light. The first one will debut tomorrow here (there is already a new character post scheduled for this morning), or you can see it on my DeviantArt now!
I don't consider much if anything sacred, so, by all means, if you'd like to see someone in the collection, please let me know! I'll add a gallery once three are posted.

Character Profile: Ratboy

Arguably, just as important as Monkey is Ratboy from Ratboy Is Dead. Most definitely one of my oldest characters, and like most people in the comic, was originally based off a real person (though almost all resemblance to that person is now gone save for some highly charactured traits).
Ratboy is kind, extremely loyal to his friends - his only friends, Marvin and T.J.J. Ratboy is also not quite sure where his fantasy role-playing games mystical universes end and reality begins. Or why he keeps dying. Or why nobody else will tolerate him.

Character Profile: Monkey

Monkey is certainly one of my most famous characters - star of Damn It, Monkey!, this sufferer of indignity has been online since.. gosh. 2003. He's old. He can vote, even... if he were human.
Of course, I don't know how old he actually is, but with the comic in its third iteration over nearly two decades, I don't think Monkey is going anywhere. This super intelligent primate from space has a gift for inventions, and more accurately, making them explode. What character doesn't need a flaw? Fun fact: His only invention that never exploded was destroyed by his nemeses, the Martians, before it had a chance to, anyway. But it worked, several times, in fact - which maybe he should start reminding everybody of that.

Character Profile: Razzle

Razzle is arguably my most important character, despite not having done a whole lot with her. Still, she's been the mascot of my site for some time now, and I've been drawing her a long, long time - so, no better character to start with than her on this project.
Razzle is always cheerful, optimistic, and excited. She is spunky, gleeful, and a huge dork - she is meant to represent the over-enthusiastic fan-girl in all of us. Her full name is Razzle Dazzle Matazz - for a long while, the Matazz was absent, but I've demoted her former surname to her middle name (it's a family name, I guess?) and given this spunky cat girl a new last name.

I'm particularly fond of her design, and, yes, she is one of, if not my favorite characters. Her journey started when drawing rubber-hose style cartoons, and came up with a cat girl who wore cat-eye glasses. Simple idea, but it made me laugh enough I kept going with the concept, and eventually Razzle took shape (along with her friends Bad Medicine (Meddy) and Hot Candy). I spent some time actually working on a comic concept for the trio, but never got much beyond a few loose storylines that I was ever remotely satisfied with.

Still, I love the little nerd enough that she's got to be put out there, and here she is, front and center, ready to present the rest of the characters coming in.

Announcing Space Girl Vs. The Void

So... started writing a new comic. It's going to be a bit before the finished project escapes the darkness of the void, but here is a sneak peak of Space Girl Vs. The Void.A poster of Space Girl Vs. The Void in a painting style.

Stream Schedule Change

Quick update, internet chums - At least through April, I'll be streaming Saturday and Sunday mornings 11:30 - 2:30 and NOT on Saturday evening. I promise I'll update the banner soon :)

Progress On The Character Mural

Well, it's official. Every single character, save for the Apple Fritter Paladin, is fully lined. Several are colored, as well. So the mural is coming along nicely!
And this only took a little over three months to get this far. The final count is very, very close to 300 characters of varying degrees of complexity. I reached way back - some of these I created in the late 80s. A fair amount of them have had a little redesign done to make them more distinct, improve their expression and facial features and all-around make them less bland. These sorts of characters fall under ones I drew in before the mid-2000s, mostly - Axis characters, for example, have been touched up some.

When all of the characters are done, or close to done, I'll post them all each with a blog post here with some background or something about the character. As such, anything based immediately on a real person, living or dead, is gone - no Nixon, Lincoln. Some characters are based on people I know very loosely but aren't actually supposed to be that person. So, they stay. I've also nixed fictional characters I didn't create - as in, art I did for other youtube channels or fictional characters like Santa were all nixed.

So, onto coloring all of them now. As for the Paladin above, make sure you tune in to the next stream where we'll finish lining him!

Twitch Schedule

As of now - plans are to stream every Saturday at 18:30 Pacific time for an art stream.
It's been a good deal of fun so far with the stream. We (as in, Twitch chat and I) have created a couple of new characters after some chatting (and yes, they will be on the mural). It would be great if you could join. This coming Saturday, we'll be focusing on designing these new characters and your input can help shape it!


OK, so I made a Twitch channel. You can find it on Twitch. The name is likely obvious.

I actually finished my first stream. I should probably have said something somewhere. But social media is stupid. Does Twitch count as social media? Whatever. I drew some characters for the all-encompassing ApathyZeal EU character mural and chatted with those who joined. It was fun. I have no idea what my schedule will end up being or how regularly I will be doing this. Hopefully I will next weekend. That's the tentative plan.