Everyone Is Crazy

Come on, everyone. Razzle isn't supposed to be exasperated and distressed. She's a spunky cat. Look what you did.

Get your stuff together.

Bitter Onion

It's an onion. And it's bitter. See the look on its face?
It's bitter.

It's kind of a "throwaway" style character for the same project I'm working on. It's actually one of the Scientist's creations. It bites.


This illustration of Cleopatra really doesn't have anything to do with anything. Sorry. I just drew it because I felt like drawing it.

I ended up leaving this a lot plainer than I initially intended on leaving it -- In particlary, the hair. I drew quite a bit of detail in it at one point; leaving a lot of layered streaks much like I did the Elf Queen. (This illustration is very much in the same vein, anyways.) It didn't really work the way I hoped; It added a lot to the elf queen because most of the hair didn't have a definite shape - the shape of the hair here leads far more to plainness and detail, I felt, actually detracted from it. So I left it.

Damn It, Monkey! Poster

A poster for Damn It, Monkey!. Totally down to make prints of this too - it'd be 8x10. If you're interested, just bother me (see the contact page. You know, look up :))


Well, it's official, I now have two characters called a Psychopath. Granted, this one didn't trademark his own name. Nor are they remotely related aside from abject psychopathy.

Perhaps a fondness of axes. I originally wanted to give him a rifle but something to swing at people made more sense contextually here. And it wouldn't have been quite as funny for the Martian The Psychopath™ to call a rifle "Ole' Softy".

So you may be wondering, is this another character that will go alongside the Chef, the Princess, and the Scientist? Yes. Yes, it is.

Ratboy Is Dead Poster

Just a poster I did featuring the characters from Ratboy Is Dead. I'd be happy to make some prints, if, you know, anybody who read the comment bothered to talk to me :)

Horrible Frightening Clown Doll From Hell

I used this from a site I did a long time ago to teach myself mysql and php. It was called clown wisdom, and featured this monstrosity with a random quote underneath it. The idea was, it would always be creepy no matter what the quote was. Fun fact, turns out I was right.

Maybe I should put it back up.

Btw, you may recognize this as a ventriloquist doll. I admit, I love this little guy.

What, you don't?


Another character design for my vague, mystery project. There are... a lot of characters (over two dozen) that have at least rough pencil sketches. This one is a princess. She's a rabbit and she uses her parasol to assist in her jumps. As a rabbit, she jumps.

Every character is intentionally very cartoony - one thing I will say about the project is it's fairly whimsical and intentionally zany. Each character I've posted so far has a variety of color schemes, too - I've been posting my favorite of each. And yes, this particular color scheme is an intentional homage to my favorite princess.

The Persistence Of Silverware

Sometime in the mid-to-late 90s, I was able to finally exercise my slight interest in 3D computer graphics. Honestly, at the time, I was pretty into any computer-generated art I could make as it mixed two major interests of mine: computers and art. So I made this vaguely Dali-esque thing. For some reason. I don't know. I've always liked surrealism and I guess this is surreal? Whatever. Here's a glimpse into my head when I was a teenager.

Princess Daisy and Pop-Tart Cat

Oh, good gravy. More fan art. Seems a bit contradictory with certain other messages I've been sending lately. But hey. At least I'm not shipping them.

Don't bother asking. I'm not going to ship them. Or anyone. Not my thing, guys. Want me to ship them? Comment below, and I'll be happy to disregard your opinion on it.

I actually cropped this unnecessarily wholesome picture a wee bit. The feet didn't work well and the tighter image works better compositionally.