Goth Girl

Another character joining the ranks of the Scientist and the the Chef. I honestly kind of don't like being mysterious about the project, but I wanted to show these character designs. Still, before I talk about it much I'd really prefer to get the entire thing fleshed out. You know, so this goth girl has something to filet off of it.


Another character for a project I've been working on. Same new project as the Scientist I've been working on. Other than the scientist, I don't really think there's going to be a "main" character. Perhaps her assistant. But the whole point is there's not.
I'll be posting some new characters from this over the next several days or so. They're fun to draw and I can't wait to have more information and a solid idea to talk about this project. All in all, designing these characters has been a lark, so there's that, at least.

Now, that's a spicy meat'a'ball (made from veggies. of course.)

Jeane Starre, In Shadow

This is Jeane, a character from one of my first comics, Axis -- I drew this comic in high school so basically, I don't intend to ever show anybody it. It was awful, unfinished, and over-complicated time travel shit that didn't matter. But I did kind of dig this artwork I dug up (it's from... 2004 I think? 2003? Who cares. It's ancient.

MegaMan and Roll

OK. I promise this is the last fan art for a while. Like, at least for 20 minutes. Maybe even 30.

Megaman has always been one of my favorite series. So fan art was, of course, a logical step. Posting it was, of course, probably not the best move I've ever made but have fun. I actually like the expressions here - especially Roll's, but received some feedback a while ago of the derpy expression on Megaman's face being funny. So there's that.

Honestly, my favorite part of this is what's left unsaid.

Dr. Mario, Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Bob-Omb

So yeah. Super Mario Bros. and Dr. Strangelove together. At last! The world was waiting for this and I, ApathyZeal, have delivered. Happy now?!

Actually, I was pretty happy with this - the simple background, Mario's expression, and conceptually, fairly happy all around.


Just going to toss up some concept art for a project I'm working on. She's a scientist. Hope that was apparent.

Nyan, Nyan, Daisy! Go!

Fun fact: This was the most popular piece of fan art I ever drew. It's not bad, I guess.

I went through this whole period where I was just drawing pictures of Princess Daisy and Pop-Tart Cat. There are more. You can see them in my fan-art gallery (need the link? Look up.) I'll post them soon, too.

Evil Princess Daisy

I really don't know why I did this. I was a weird(er) guy a decade ago. Quite happy with the background, though. Unfortunately I had a drive failure not long after this was drawn and can't extract just that.