Tanooki Daisy

Tanooki Daisy. When Mario 3D Land came out, everyone was drawing Tanooki things. Daisy has always been one of my favorite Mario universe characters, so, I did of course, jump on the band wagon and drew Daisy in a Tanooki suit. Quite pleased with it, honestly, well stylized good expression. Not painful to look at.

Check out more Mario and Princess Daisy fanart in, uh, my fan art gallery. Seems like a good place for the stuff.

Richard Nixon: Mad Scientist

That's it. It's a drawing of Richard Nixon as a Mad scientist. I think I drew this in 2011? Either way, it was one of the scariest things I could think of at the time. My, how things have changed.

Damn It, Monkey! Illustration

This is a bit old, too, but it's a picture of Monkey I did a few months after ending the serial comic in the early 2010s. I had just gotten a new Wacom tablet, my first one and was using this to practice. Turned out OK.
Monkey always did agitate easily.

Dr. Pathos

So. Thing is I don't think I ever posted this.
This is Dr. Pathos. Originally a character for Meridian Knights I scrapped several years ago. Very loosely based on Dr. Forrester in design, along with some Nixon on the face. Aroo, He's Evil.

The unfortunate part is Dr. Pathos is just too Sci-Fi for the game. He built Peaches, and the more I think about it, Peaches works better if there's basically no explanation on why he's there.

It's like coming back home!

I've moved my art back here from atom8bit -- keep bugging me there for the gaming stuff. I've centralized ApathyZeal for all my artwork, web cartoons, web comics, etc. - including Damn It, Monkey! and Ratboy Is Dead.
I've also started updating Ratboy Is Dead and am working on some more Damn It, Monkey! I've had a good deal of energy lately (comparitively anyways) and have been fairly productive. Also working on some other stuff outside art (including atom8bit and a couple of mystery projects!).

ApathyZeal is an old name - for a few years I had it redirect to atom8bit, but I think ApathyZeal has been online in some form since 2004? Damn It, Monkey!, Ratboy Is Dead, Something Inane always had a home there, though the three had separate domains for at least some period. (Still do, but they're always welcome!)

So yeah, I guess this the hub for all of my silly little drawings from now on. Pay me a visit every now and then!

Jim Davis Sells Out

It is true. You have heard the news by now, but the unthinkable is true. My personal hero and yours, as well as paragon of artistic integrity Jim Davis has done the unbelievable; that's right. Jim Davis has sold out.
As you can imagine, I am distraught by this news. Distraught and devastated.

Variety has reported this earlier this morning. I have shared the link below, but please be warned that the content of this link may be emotionally disturbing.

I am very sorry but I can no longer call myself the world's premier Garfield fan artiste. That title should go to Jim Davis, as he will continue to work on the strip. Additionally, now the memories of Garfield can only haunt me as he is certainly only to become a corporate shell of his former glory.