Sassy Talking Robot

Just a new illustration. This delightful little character is a sassy talking robot. I like sassy talking robots and I tried to make it looks a little worn, like this robot has been doing a thing or two.atom8bit's sassy talking robot

Another Picture of Sartris

Here's Sartris in an action pose. You may have seen this in the top banner on the site. If you didn't, look up. It's staring you in the face.
Originally this photo had Sartris holding two knives instead of The Sword of Malice, which, as someone who is mostly a mage, he chooses to fight with until he has that. I guess you can kind of see it. Or not. I'm actually more pleased with his boots than I usually am with drawing feet, too.

I Like Martians

Did you take a moment to stop by Damn It, Monkey!? Well, Act 1 of Episode 1, "I Like Martians" is up and ready to be read, like some sort of 7 minute cartoon waiting in comic form. Check it out, hopefully you see the waste of time as a pleasant diversion rather than a sinkhole of ennui.

Damn It Monkey!: Of Episodes and Acts

One of the reasons I revived this was, upon reflecting on its last run, Damn It, Monkey! Just didn’t work the way I wanted it to. Ratboy works great as a serial, but this comic lost a lot as a serial. At its heart, it’s a parody, and the format needs retained as episodic in format.
Before rebooting it, I really deliberated on this one specific fact. How do I do a web comic that’s 30+ pages that need posted at a time? My schedule doesnt really allow me to churn these out as regularly as I’d like at this point. And so it occurred to me, why not post each episode in acts? I mean, any proper episode of something has three acts, and if I’ve done my job as a writer (I know I sometimes don’t quite hit that mark), then three acts it is.

Very soon – within a week or two (ideally! no promises) I’ll have act 1 of I Like Martians ready to go.
…No matter what Arby’s says about it.

Fenris Character Design

Fenris is a rogue who meets Sartris early in his life, and his views of the world help shape Sartris' own.

Razzle Gushing

Even Razzle gushes sometimes. Or maybe all the time. Or at least right now, so that's a start.