Pippa Redux

An image of Pippa's redesign by charismatic and popular cartoonist apathyzeal.

So I already went ahead and redesigned Pippa. The old design was good... enough, but probably not one to rest on that. Plus she inadvertently resembled a certain Final Fantasy character and we can't have that, now can we?

Most of the redesign involves her hair and making it a bit more pixie-like. Maybe Pippa is a pixie. I don't know, still. We can go with it for now?

I also simplified the pants a bit and added a top to them before her shirt. All in all, I like this better and hope her haircut doesn't resemble Razzle's too much. I did dig into the hair color a bit, too, lightening it, partially due to the hair having similar shapes as Razzle's. I'm also still contemplating if Pippa is a redhead or not. Let me know if you think she is, or not! Or what you think she is at all. Little girl? Pixie?