Progress On The Character Mural

Well, it's official. Every single character, save for the Apple Fritter Paladin, is fully lined. Several are colored, as well. So the mural is coming along nicely!
And this only took a little over three months to get this far. The final count is very, very close to 300 characters of varying degrees of complexity. I reached way back - some of these I created in the late 80s. A fair amount of them have had a little redesign done to make them more distinct, improve their expression and facial features and all-around make them less bland. These sorts of characters fall under ones I drew in before the mid-2000s, mostly - Axis characters, for example, have been touched up some.

When all of the characters are done, or close to done, I'll post them all each with a blog post here with some background or something about the character. As such, anything based immediately on a real person, living or dead, is gone - no Nixon, Lincoln. Some characters are based on people I know very loosely but aren't actually supposed to be that person. So, they stay. I've also nixed fictional characters I didn't create - as in, art I did for other youtube channels or fictional characters like Santa were all nixed.

So, onto coloring all of them now. As for the Paladin above, make sure you tune in to the next stream where we'll finish lining him!