Sartris Character Design

As promised, I present a new character: Sartris.

So, as you can see, I did lean heavily on the Meridian Knights style. Minus the eyes, I did go for a bit more traditional cartoon eyes as I did with Ratboy. At least; traditional in my sense if you look back at other comics and illustrations I've done in the past.

I intentionally kept the clothing quite simple. Since this is a comic, it's something I'll need to draw over and over and over and over, so I didn't want something with chains and elaborate runes and whatever. This sort of thing when converted to a sprite works far better.

I've also noticed with Sartris gingers seem to run in my main characters. While this was a bit of an afterthought in Moxie (it was simply about the color scheme with her), and really I don't remember why this was so with Jeane, this was quite deliberate with Sartris and I intend it to be part of his personality. On that note, the hood is also relevant and part of his how he will carry himself as well.

The short sword is just a short sword; unlike Moxie the sword in this image is just a sword, but so far, a sword will play a part in the story of this comic. And on the comic, you can expect a serial, along the lines that Ratboy or Scott Pilgrim are, though I am not sure how humorous they will be. I have a short idea of the outline so far, and that's it. This comic has a lot to work out before I begin!