The Character Mural

I've started to work on a pretty... daunting project. It's going to take a lot of time. But, it's a culmination of so many things I've done as an artist (and I don't mean Clipfield.)
For those of you familiar with the Smash Mural, you'll have a pretty good idea where I'm going with this - I'm working on a mural of my own; just with all of my own characters. My own version of "everybody is here" for whatever silly, ridiculous, and slightly psychotic universe(s?) exist within my head.

"Well, that can't be too daunting," you're no doubt saying right now, "so what's the big deal?"

...There's 240+. I dug back into all of my characters since high school, with a few caveats:

  • The character must have some level of significance; it can't simply be a doodle in a sketchbook from 2004. The character will need some level of personality and, at a bare minimum, an attempt would have been made to attach it to something.

  • This absolutely will include retired characters like Jeane Starre, even though she rightfully evolved into Moxie.

  • The character must be something I created. So, no fanart, and no art of real people; with a few exceptions for those real people who I've fictionalized into something completely off-base. So, Evil Lincoln and Mad Scientist Nixon have made the cut. Dick Cheney from my Christmas card a couple of decades ago is hard pass, however. Santa is also a no-go, but Drag Santa and Robot Santa should make the long list, at least (at least, they are at this time. I'm waffling on this one, admittedly).

...of course, good chance these are subject to change, too.

You may also be asking yourself why you don't see a full 240 characters on this site, either through looking through my old posts, or the characters and illustrations pages. I do often tinker with what I've posted on the site; publishing and unpublishing certain things all depending on what I'm both comfortable with and what should be posted. This is dependent on a number of factors, such as post quality, relevance, and how actively I am working on the project, and simply if the site is the best place to post it. For instance, a lot of Meridian Knights characters aren't posted right now as I intend to post them elsewhere eventually. Nor would I post Damn It, Monkey! or Ratboy is Dead comics directly on the site here.

I have no idea when this will be done. I can say in the past few weeks I've penciled every character I intend to include and scanned them in (I typically work with a mechanical pencil and then go digital after that - the tactile experience of a mechanical pencil is incredibly satisfying -- I liken it to using a mechanical keyboard but without the horrific noises it produces and it doesn't send the message that one doesn't respect those around them.) I've also done line art for roughly 50 and colored just under 20.

I'm working on a unique, new piece of art for every character for this mural, as well. The challenge so far has been drawing the characters to produce a cohesive-looking mural. It won't be anywhere near as polished as the above Super Smash Bros. mural in all likelihood, but we'll see in due time. A lot of due time. Regardless of the finished mural, the intent is, once this is done, to start posting each character to be posted individually with a short bio and its own post, and on the characters page for those who dislike reading and just want colorful images.

What do you think? Is this project ridiculous? Am I once again over-extending myself, or are you excited about this?