Fan Art

Goth Girl

Another character joining the ranks of the Scientist and the the Chef. I honestly kind of don’t like being mysterious about the project, but I wanted to show these character designs. Still, before I talk about it much I’d really prefer to get the entire thing fleshed out. You know, so this goth girl has… Read More »



Another character for a project I’ve been working on. Same new project as the Scientist I’ve been working on. Other than the scientist, I don’t really think there’s going to be a “main” character. Perhaps her assistant. But the whole point is there’s not. I’ll be posting some new characters from this over the next… Read More »


Jeane Starre, In Shadow

This is Jeane, a character from one of my first comics, Axis — I drew this comic in high school so basically, I don’t intend to ever show anybody it. It was awful, unfinished, and over-complicated time travel shit that didn’t matter. But I did kind of dig this artwork I dug up (it’s from…… Read More »