It’s a clown. With springs for appendages. That’s it. It is another character that will go along with the Chef, the Princess, and the Scientist and all the others and stuff, too. I’m not huge on bright, primary colors, but it definitely fits here.


Introducing Pippa

This is Pippa. New character I recently made — not really sure what I’m going to use her for, what she even is, entirely, and only even marginally certain on the name. She’s brand new. It’s been in my head a good week, though, and I’m OK with how she turned out. I went for… Read More »


I’m Sorry, what?

Razzle again, being offended at… nothing. She’s faking it. I guess. I was told this looks like me by a dear friend. This doesn’t look like me. I’m not a spunky cat girl. At least I think.