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AlmaLinux-tan, the AlmaLinux OS-tan

A preview image for AlmaLinux-tan, the AlmaLinux OS-tan Presenting AlmaLinux-tan, the AlmaLinux OS-tan. No secret I'm a Linux guy and Enterprise linux distributions (Fedora, Alma, Rocky, Redhat, etc) have always been my favorite. I figured that they deserved an OS-tan just as much as a certain, malignable operating system :3Yes, I do plan on doing more Linux OS-tans in the near future! Stay tuned. Follow me on the social media for more....

The Apotheosis Of Internet Explorer

A preview image for The Apotheosis Of Internet Explorer RIP Internet Explorer1995-2022Clippy welcome Internet Explorer into heaven, while angels Netscape Navigator and Bonzi Buddy watch, since Microsoft has now officially killed off Internet Explorer. IE, you now belong to the ages.This artwork is a bittersweet sendoff to this titan of the web, which did everything it could to reinvent and destroy established standards. It is based off "The Apotheosis of Lincoln" (link goes to