Stream Schedule Change

Quick update, internet chums – At least through April, I’ll be streaming Saturday and Sunday mornings 11:30 – 2:30 and NOT on Saturday evening. I promise I’ll update the banner soon 🙂


Progress On The Character Mural

Well, it’s official. Every single character, save for the Apple Fritter Paladin, is fully lined. Several are colored, as well. So the mural is coming along nicely! And this only took a little over three months to get this far. The final count is very, very close to 300 characters of varying degrees of complexity.… Read More »


Twitch Schedule

As of now – plans are to stream every Saturday at 18:30 Pacific time for an art stream. It’s been a good deal of fun so far with the stream. We (as in, Twitch chat and I) have created a couple of new characters after some chatting (and yes, they will be on the mural).… Read More »