Twitch Schedule

As of now – plans are to stream every Saturday at 18:30 Pacific time for an art stream. It’s been a good deal of fun so far with the stream. We (as in, Twitch chat and I) have created a couple of new characters after some chatting (and yes, they will be on the mural).… Read More »



OK, so I made a Twitch channel. You can find it on Twitch. The name is likely obvious. I actually finished my first stream. I should probably have said something somewhere. But social media is stupid. Does Twitch count as social media? Whatever. I drew some characters for the all-encompassing ApathyZeal EU character mural… Read More »


The Character Mural

I’ve started to work on a pretty… daunting project. It’s going to take a lot of time. But, it’s a culmination of so many things I’ve done as an artist (and I don’t mean Clipfield.) For those of you familiar with the Smash Mural, you’ll have a pretty good idea where I’m going with this… Read More »


It’s like coming back home!

I’ve moved my art back here from atom8bit — keep bugging me there for the gaming stuff. I’ve centralized ApathyZeal for all my artwork, web cartoons, web comics, etc. – including Damn It, Monkey! and Ratboy Is Dead. I’ve also started updating Ratboy Is Dead and am working on some more Damn It, Monkey! I’ve… Read More »