Character Profile: General Martian

The no-nonsense General Martian is next in the character parade. Antagonist to Monkey and leader of the Martian Army, his sole purpose in life is to defend the Martian people. This involves stopping Monkey at something for some reason. It may be best left unsaid.

Some may recall near the end of the early 2010s run of Damn It, Monkey!, General Martian ended up killing himself. That entire run of Damn It, Monkey! never happened and isn’t canonical for you nerds that care about that stuff. So drop it.


Character Profile: Dr. Scientist

Dr. Scientist, the eccentric, plotting, and possibly maniacal, well.. scientist. Occasionally bumbling on experiments, or has those experiments ruined by her assistant, Buggo, she takes her work very seriously and traps the number of others in a grand scheme to… uh. Well, she’ll figure out the end game once all the pieces are in place. Perhaps someone should explain the scientific method to her again!


Character Profile: Moxie

Moxie, the primary character and protagonist of Meridian Knights. Cheerful, good natured, exuberant, over-eager and impatient, Moxie’s main aim is to do what’s right for the kingdom, and those she cares about… pretty much as soon as possible.

Moxie is incredibly capable and proficient with a sword, and able to practice magic – almost unheard of in the kingdom. The nature of this is kept from her and she slowly discovers its importance as she races to discover what happened to the Queen, Ward, and many others during the events of Meridian Knights.