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Introducing Pippa

This is Pippa. New character I recently made — not really sure what I’m going to use her for, what she even is, entirely, and only even marginally certain on the name. She’s brand new. It’s been in my head a good week, though, and I’m OK with how she turned out. I went for… Read More »



Buggo is The Scientist’s Assistant. Bumbling, good natured, and curious. And mute. Maybe. He’s clearly based off Harpo Marx (there’s a tiny bit of Chaplin in there, too), hence the name Buggo. He’s actually one of the very, very few characters in this project with any sort of name other than a loose description like… Read More »


Bitter Onion

It’s an onion. And it’s bitter. See the look on its face? It’s bitter. It’s kind of a “throwaway” style character for the same project I’m working on. It’s actually one of the Scientist’s creations. It bites.



Another character design for my vague, mystery project. There are… a lot of characters (over two dozen) that have at least rough pencil sketches. This one is a princess. She’s a rabbit and she uses her parasol to assist in her jumps. As a rabbit, she jumps. Every character is intentionally very cartoony – one… Read More »


Goth Girl

Another character joining the ranks of the Scientist and the the Chef. I honestly kind of don’t like being mysterious about the project, but I wanted to show these character designs. Still, before I talk about it much I’d really prefer to get the entire thing fleshed out. You know, so this goth girl has… Read More »